Nothin' To Do With Me

from by FB Herr

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Nothin' To Do With Me
by FB Herr

When I went outside this morning
It was bright and cool
An autumn song came easily
As I walked the miles to school
I was singing of the life I felt
And the light that filled my eyes
The northern air that filled my lungs
And the trees that filled the sky

Well I've just gotta tell you everything
'Cause it once occurred to me
Though I often have forgotten
I'm a part of the land I see
And I've just gotta tell you everything
'Cause I think you will agree
Somebody once called me lucky
But it's got nothin' to do with me

Well there's a million things
I see these days
That get me wondering
And the way they filled my heart today
I could not help but sing
And I'm not much good at hiding
When I open up my eyes
I was schooled for big pretending but
I've had enough with all those lies

And I've just gotta write this down
Because I used to be so sad
I never really noticed
Everything I have
And I've just gotta write this down,
This thing that's happening to me
You might just call it lucky
But it's got nothin' to do,
Nothin' to do with me

And now I'm just tryin' to let the outside in
Sometimes it's good to let it in
No, I don't always remember somehow
But I'm learnin' now
Yeah I'm learnin' now
And I'm tryin' to let the inside out
Sometimes you've gotta let it out
Yes, my defenses are down
But I'm stronger now
Yeah I'm stronger now

And it occurred to me this morning
All the things I do these days
All the people that I talk to
As I begin to change my ways
And I think of all the things
That I could share with everyone
There are many here with honest hearts
And smiles as bright as sun

And I've just gotta share this feeling
'Cause it don't belong to me
Sometimes it still scares me
But as far as I can see
I've gotta try and speak my heart
Because that's what's inside of me
Some people call it lucky
But it's got nothin' to do,
Nothin' to do with me


from Doing Is Better Than Watching, released December 5, 2014
Additional backing vocals: Julia Herr



all rights reserved


FB Herr Toronto, Ontario


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